We are sorry to announce, that we will not continue with our project taskeep. It will be shut down mid August

Be organised and get more things done - Every day

Minimalistic and simple UI with familiar calendar interface will help you growing your productivity and accomplish your goals in the most efficient way.

TasKeep on Mac


  • Create tasks using natural language
  • Productivity tips from experts
  • E-Mail to task
  • Backlog for unplanned tasks
  • Smart reminder system
  • Best practises from productivity methodologies like Scrum and GTD


  • Minimalistic calendar interface
  • Superfast tasks creation
  • Simple drag and drop actions
  • Superfast prioritisation
  • Task history


  • Google Calendar Integration
  • Focus mode for your daily goals
  • Task categorisation for all purposes
  • Category filters
  • Progress statistics
  • Keyboard shortcuts


TasKeep at a glance

Task quick entry
Be organised on the go

With TasKeep mobile view you can organise your tasks and events using your smartphone. Just open TasKeep in your mobile browser!
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Task Backlog
Task Backlog

Backlog is as easy as a white sheet of paper. Put down your thoughts, notes and tasks without any date assignment before they are lost. Once you are ready to approach the task just drag and drop it to your calendar (From Scrum).
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Task Focus Mode
Focus Mode

Focus Mode is a high productivity method that helps you concentrate on tasks at hand. Productive work requires steady focus - without distractions. Built in tips will help you learn how to focus on your tasks and get the most important things done efficiently.
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And more goodies...


Keep project related tasks and list under same color-coded categories


Set reminders to your events and never miss them again

Smart hints

Follow the pop-up hints as you work for more efficient planning and new Calendar features


Mark your important tasks as priority

Quick Task

Mark tasks that can be done in 5 min or less as 'quick task' (From GTD)


Use hashtags in the quick add text input to assign tasks to categories in speedlight

Google Calendar

Connect to your Google Calendar to display your events next to your tasks


See statistics about your tasks and productivity

Build In Expert Tips*

Guided expert tips will help you to improve your productivity and get more things done


Use keyboard shortcuts to cut on your time for actions

Email To Task*

Email your tasks to your custom email address and it will appear in TasKeep

Task Sharing*

Share your tasks with family, friends or colleagues

* coming soon

.. and it's secure!

TasKeep respects your privacy!

Hosted in Germany

TasKeep is hosted in Germany and complies to the german data protection laws

TLS 1.2 Security

Data transmission is always encrypted with AES 128


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